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Martin Mackenzie-Smith Technical & Regulatory Advisor

Martin Mackenzie-Smith


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Martin has worked his way up the field! Starting in cleaning chemistry as a laboratory assistant where he learnt the basics of quality control, formulation, and analysis.

He then jumped into cosmetics as a technician to discover the chemicals were much nicer in general but with a steep learning curve when his manager soon left with no immediate replacement.

Taking the SCS diploma, Martin stepped up to development chemist and then Senior chemist, developing products for and with many well-known brands. Martin was proposed as a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry – lacking a degree in chemistry, he faced a panel of 3 professors to confirm he was indeed a chemist.

A step sideways and upwards as regulatory manager was next – as part of the Compliance side. Martin presided over the simplification of recast CPSRs,’ PIF production, training/implementation of GMP, DSEAR & COSHH plus advising on claims, regulations.

Martin was unable to leave the technical side alone as he was drafted back as technical & regulatory manager. Not seeming to lose any duties but he was able to take up formulating again!

Daniela Del Ciotto Creative Chemist

Daniela Del Ciotto


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Daniela obtained a Master's degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences and a post-degree specialization in Cosmetic Sciences and Technologies, both were awarded with the highest mark. She is enrolled in the Italian Pharmacists register.

After experience working on pharmaceutical manufacturing quality and then working in a pharmacy in Italy, Daniela moved to the UK.

Daniela soon found work in the cosmetic contract manufacturing initially as a technician.  Her background meant she soon moved up to be a development chemist, formulating a wide array of product types. She also gained E-SQP Animal advisor qualification in UK which she has maintained.

Then as her stature grew being made the manager of the creativity department, she passed on her knowledge to her team whilst simultaneously developing larger and prestigious projects earning the respect of her customers.

With over 20 years of vast experience in the cosmetic formulation area, building strong relationship with industry suppliers and with beauty brands from niche to large markets she has much to add to any brand!

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