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Bespoke Formulation Development

From brief creation to formula design through in-depth research finalized to meet your requirements and finding most efficient solutions. 

This service includes submission of lab prototypes for your feedback, initial specifications and regulatory analysis. No ownership is retained by us so once your formula is completed you can move it to your desired manufacturer. We can help you with the transfer to the contract manufacturer best suited to your volumes.

Formulation Troubleshooting

We can review existing formulas to offer technical solutions or to advise compliance with current/forthcoming regulations. After review we can help to reformulate. This can reduce time to market.

Guidance On Testing


Through collaboration with trusted testing houses in UK and EU we can guide and arrange required product testing including stability, compatibility, preservative effectiveness and claims substantiation studies.

Bespoke Trend/Gap Analysis

Review of your current product range to propose and inspire you with extension products, in line with the latest trends and the most innovative ingredients in the cosmetic market.

Formulation Development /

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